The FlatSafe storm shelter can be installed in almost any new or existing home.

On April 10, 2009, Good Friday, an F4 Tornado Ripped Through Rutherford County.

Packing sustained winds of 170 mph with gusts over 200, the tornado destroyed over 111 homes, and damaged another 800. Kori Bryant, and her 9 week old daughter Olivia were killed. Kori's husband John was sucked up through the roof and sustained a broken back, punctured lung, and broken ribs. John and his family were friends of mine.

John rushed home as reports of the tornado were broadcast on the radio. He and his family sought refuge in the center of their home and covered themselves with blankets and mattress'. Little Olivia was strapped in a car seat for added protection. They did everything they could, but their home was in the direct path of the F4 tornado.

The home in the upper left corner of the picture below, belonged to another friend of mine. She and her two daughters sought shelter in the laundry room of their home. This room, located in the center of the home survived the tornado, but the roof and the ceilings of the home were ripped off. Their home didn't sustain a direct hit, but had to be torn down as it was structurally unsafe.

Across the street from where John lived is a subdivision called Jamison Place. Jensen Quality Homes built 13 homes in that subdivision. That represents 13 families that are friends of mine. I am committed to providing protection from these destructive storms.

Life is too short, death too ugly, and life and loved ones too valuable not to.

The Shelter

I have done research on different shelters. My criteria was simple: SAFE, cost effective, and one that would work in any Jensen Quality Home, with any floor plan. We have done safe rooms in the past, and they were 'designed' into the home from the beginning. This works, but also takes up interior floor space. Being inside the home is good because seconds count, but also requires additional 'foundation work' to secure the shelter to. This adds expense but is obviously an option when we are custom building your home and working on your floor plan.

Since most Jensen Quality Homes have a 2.5 or 3.5 car garage, my first thought was to install the shelter in the garage. This is an option open to you should you want a 'walk-in' solution. But ultimately, the solution I settled on is an in-ground shelter that is installed in the garage floor

This solution meets all the criteria I had set. We have several placement options in the garage, and it will work with any floor plan. This patent-pending innovative new product is a below ground shelter designed for use in your home's garage. Providing beyond F5 protection.

Evaluated by four independent engineering firms, the Tornado Shelter respects every aspect of your safety and convenience, including in-home access. The extensive research and development of the Tornado Shelter addresses the fundamental components of a reliable tornado shelter. The most important considerations for a below grade shelter consist of proper ventilation, impact strength, corrosion control, buoyancy resistance, safe entry, and emergency egress.

This underground, safe, cost effective Tornado Shelter is offered as a customer option for your new Jensen Quality Home. Upgrades in size and options are available.

Customer Quote

I have been blessed to custom build 4 homes for my family in my life, and I am extremely pleased with Steve Jensen and Jensen Quality Homes construction of our new home. The sub-contractors he has used produce quality work on a timely basis, and Steve has been very hands on in his oversight of our new home's construction. As issues arise, Steve has been responsive and taken immediate ownership to ensure a timely mutually satisfactory resolution.

He is a man of integrity and strong spiritual values, and I would gladly use him again or confidently refer him to others for the construction of their custom home.

Lee & Susan Moss