Steve & his collection of contractors built my family a beautiful, high quality custom home. In my opinion, Steve’s greatest strength is definitely his integrity. We had heard that Steve seeks to build each client a home that they are 100% satisfied with and we can attest to his earnest desire to do so and to do so fairly. Steve is also very flexible; he was willing and able to adapt to numerous changes throughout the project as the home took shape. A third strength of Steve’s is composure; through individual phases of successes & challenges Steve was able to discuss disagreements and reach reasonable solutions in a very professional manner. Let me share a specific example of how Steve serves you as an experienced general contractor…

Steve’s recommended tile supplier & installer both went thru each element of the job for confirmation prior to the work being completed. The tile supplier had an on-staff interior designer that was one of the high-lights of our construction process. She documented each tile choice, installation pattern, grout color, etc and presented a sketch for our review and approval. The tile installer then met with us on-site and confirmed his understanding of the drawing and even made sure to confirm an 1/8” grout was ok instead of a more typical ¼” grout. My wife and I thrived on that attention to detail. Then, going above and beyond, the tile installer recognized a simulated marble vein pattern in our guest bathroom tile and made sure he installed it with all tiles matching a common vein direction. The result is truly outstanding and epitomizes why we wanted to do a custom home. Similarly outstanding work was performed on the kitchen and I can confidently say excellent work was also performed on the framing, HVAC, Painting, Audio/Visual, & Trim work.

Enjoy the adventure. Mistakes will happen and Steve will correct them. Selections will change and you’ll decide to upgrade here and there and Steve’s prices will be very fair. He’ll also correct 1,000 things you never knew about or wouldn’t have noticed for years to come – and that is what makes it Jensen QUALITY Homes.

- Adam & Rosie Shumake

We had the great pleasure of working with Jensen Quality Homes to build our very own custom home and we feel that they truly are the very best in the business! They have a solid reputation for delivering an excellent product and did not disappoint. From the moment we signed the contract up through the final walk-through, their team went above and beyond to make our dream home a reality. The process along the way was extremely smooth and well laid out.

Their quick response to questions and concerns made what could have easily become a stressful and exhausting process, really fun and exciting! They even met us several times at the job site for consultation without ever making us feel as if we were being burdensome.

Our new home is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident at every turn and we look forward to living here and enjoying this home for many years to come! We would highly recommend Jensen Quality Homes to anyone wanting to build a custom home.

- John & Rhonda Stansberry

The quality of our home is what we’re most pleased with – the integrity and character of Steve Jensen is what brought us to Jensen Quality Homes. When we first thought about building a new home we looked through design catalogs, went to home shows, attended a seminar on timber frame homes and went to construction sites to help get an idea of what we were looking for. What we finally decided on was unique to us. We checked into several builders, and Jensen Quality Homes was our first choice.

Mr. Jensen took our ideas and had an architect complete the design. He wasn’t afraid to try new things and he didn’t try to persuade us one way or another regarding any of our ideas. He wanted our home to be what we wanted it to be. During the building process we did make a few changes and he was flexible and worked with us to make our home exactly what we dreamed it would be.

We’ve heard that building a house is stressful. I guess for us, the most stressful part was picking out light fixtures since there are thousands to choose from. It really wasn’t a stressful process. Mr. Jensen communicated throughout the process on what was coming up and any decisions we would need to be making in the immediate future. I’d like to think that we did our parts as well as he did his.

The contractors working on our home did excellent work. We were very impressed at the quality of the framing, the solid foundation, the brick work, the built in details throughout the house and so much more. All the contractors we met respect Mr. Jensen, took pride in their work and paid attention to details. And it shows in the quality of our home.

If we ever have the opportunity to build again or know someone planning to build, we’d recommend Jensen Quality Homes in a heartbeat.

- Jeff & Theresa Stevenson

It is with great pleasure we write this note of gratitude to Jensen Quality Homes for a job well done building our dream home in Murfreesboro. When we began our search for the perfect builder, certain qualities were a must:

Honesty, Integrity, Vision, Communication Skills, and a track record of Excellence.

What we found in Steve Jensen exceeded all expectations. We have had multiple homes built in our 30 years of marriage and we can honestly say that none have been as enjoyable an experience as this one. We have always heard horror stories of other people’s experience with their builders and how they no longer talk with them after the project. We on the other hand consider Steve a friend and hope to have an extended friendship for years to come. His desire to make his customers happy is only exceeded by his desire to please his Savior, Jesus Christ.

We recommend Jensen Quality Homes to anyone who would want a truly custom home! If we were to ever choose to build again, Steve would be our only choice of builders.

- Beau & Susan Carroll

When building our retirement home, my wife and I had two priorities in choosing the builder: first, we wanted a quality house; second, we wanted a builder with high integrity. In choosing Jensen’s we achieved both those goals. Throughout the process of building our home, we never doubted we had an honest builder and watching our house go up we knew the house was going to be high quality. We had the advantage of living close by as our house was being built and we no doubt drove Steve and Chris a little crazy by being on site nearly every day. Building a custom home, of which we were never able to see the finished product first, meant we made several changes as the house was being built. The answer was never NO – Chris always had a solution. In fact, he came to us with changes he thought we should make. If we said, “we can live with that”, Chris would respond with “we want you to be happy – let’s make the change”.

This was our first house that we’ve built and we did not realize all the decisions that have to be made. But the Jensens patiently guided us through the process. Sure, we wished the house could have been done sooner, but you have to appreciate that quality standards were not compromised just to get it done. We’ve been in our new home for less than a month, but each day we are reminded of the quality of the workmanship.

We couldn’t be happier as we have the home we’ve always dreamed of building. We highly recommend Jensen Quality Homes.

- John & Bev Hill

I have been blessed to custom build 4 homes for my family in my life, and I am extremely pleased with Steve Jensen and Jensen Quality Homes construction of our new home. The sub-contractors he has used produce quality work on a timely basis, and Steve has been very hands on in his oversight of our new home's construction. As issues arise, Steve has been responsive and taken immediate ownership to ensure a timely mutually satisfactory resolution. He is a man of integrity and strong spiritual values, and I would gladly use him again or confidently refer him to others for the construction of their custom home.

- Lee & Susan Moss

My wife and I decided to build a new home and after reviewing the market we realized what we wanted didn’t exist. Having already had a house built before we were a little nervous and scared to go down that road again. Our first experience was not a pleasant one. We had heard good things about Steve and Jensen Quality Homes but were still hesitant on the building process. Once we met with Steve our fears evaporated. We told Steve exactly what we wanted and how we wanted the house to look and he took it from there. He helped modify our floor plans to best meet our needs, offered excellent design ideas that we would have never thought of ourselves and throughout the entire process has gone above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. The entire process from beginning to end was a joyous one, yes joyous. Steve and the entire Jensen Quality Homes team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend anyone planning on building a home to have it built by Steve Jensen. His thorough attention to detail and the craftsman he uses to build a home is paramount to none. Anyone can build a house; Steve Jensen built our home.

- The Dickey's

We relocated to Murfreesboro from Virginia (some 600 miles away) in the summer of 2010. Prior to this move, we had never spent appreciable time in this area. It was therefore a difficult decision to construct a home – we didn’t know the area, local customs, neighborhoods, and had no clue who was a reputable builder and who was not. All of these unknowns coupled with the fact it was a historically good time to buy an existing home made us very predisposed to buy an existing home. While out house hunting, we happened to venture into one of JQH’s houses that was nearing completion. That house immediately became the standard by which all others, new and existing, was measured against. You could sense the quality as you walked through the house. You could see the solid construction, the quality of products used, and the attention to detail used in the building process.

Although we were sold on the product, we still faced the daunting task of finding an appropriate house plan suitable for our family, a neighborhood, and mostly important doing the necessary due diligence on Steve Jensen and his company. Could we trust someone enough to build our home and act in our best interest financially while we were 600 miles away? We spoke to many of Steve’s customers – some he referred to us and others we simply found on our own. Everyone, to a person, spoke highly of the quality of the home but foremost they spoke to the quality of Steve Jensen’s character. So we decided to take the leap of faith and build. Steve was very patient in helping us select and modify a house plan that was right for us and in selecting a lot in a great neighborhood. The house turned out wonderfully, the process went smoothly, and as we told Steve the final product exceeded our loftiest expectations. Most significantly, the amount of trust and faith we developed in Steve (and his son Chris) during this process was absolute. It is so refreshing that they did what they said they would do. There were several times when dealing with smaller items that were not spelled out in detail in the contract, Steve would ask, what did I say I would do? When reminded of our discussions, he absolutely lived up to every promise he made.

We love our new house and appreciate very much the thrill of having gone through the construction process. We absolutely recommend Jensen Quality Homes. Additionally, you cannot simply ask for someone of stronger faith, higher quality of character, or just a genuinely nice person than Steve Jensen.

- Julie & Jon Cline

My husband and I purchased our property four years before starting the building process. We spent much of that time researching builders and trying to find someone who we could trust to build our dream home. From our first meeting with Steve, it was evident that he would be the perfect choice. Steve is a great listener, and he made sure that our expectations were met both during the planning and building process. Our home was tricky, as we built in a flood plain, and Steve spent hours beforehand making sure that our home would be built in the best and most efficient manner. He was always careful to listen to our concerns and made sure that we were completely satisfied with the end result. We absolutely love our new home, and we could not be happier with our experience with Jensen Quality Homes. Steve is an honest, trustworthy, and impeccable builder, and we highly recommend him to anyone considering building a new home.

- Bill & Kerry Kilcoyne

Dear Steve, You build a beautiful home and we feel honored and grateful to be living inside of it! I left many wonderful friends in Minnesota and this home has really given me some comfort during the last couple of weeks. I can walk to the kitchen and just immediately feel better! I am still in awe of all the woodwork and your attention to detail is obvious. However, what impresses me the most is your honesty and integrity….

- David & Ise Kassebaum

Our experience with Jensen Quality Homes was an exciting adventure. We researched the building process and builders before selecting JQH. The experience was very positive because of the responsiveness of Steve Jensen and his entire build team. We found everyone to be very open to our ideas and suggestions. We requested some unique features in our home and Steve’s response was “I can do that. I’ve never done it before, but I can do it.” He didn’t disappoint. He was very easy to communicate with and was available through phone, email, and personal visits. During the building process and afterward, he followed up on all issues that surfaced. We found Steve to be a man of integrity. He did what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it. His level of integrity is why we chose JQH. Steve lived up to it and proved it to be true time and again throughout the building process. Now that we're in our new home, it's like Christmas! And not just because of all the boxes involved with moving…J To say we enjoy our new home would be an understatement. The journey was well worth it. Most importantly, through it all, the Lord continued to bless us with good people along the way.

- William & Sharon Burke

Having Jensen Quality Homes build our custom home was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Steve has been accessible since the first time we spoke with him, up to this very day, six months after our house was completed. Steve's approach to building our home was top notch, and nothing we asked for was out of bounds. We lived in another town while our house was under construction, and Steve always accommodated our busy schedules to meet with us. You truly do get a custom home experience with Jensen Quality Homes. We highly recommend Jensen Quality Homes to anyone considering building a custom home. The process of building a custom home with Jensen Quality Homes was a truly enjoyable experience. We absolutely love our new home!

- Scotty & Heather Roberts

Building our HOME, yes I said HOME not house, anyone could build a house… but Steve, you built our HOME. We have heard so many bad stories from our friends about building a house I was scared. This was not the case here, you talked with us and looked us in the eyes to find out what we wanted, not what you wanted to build, but what we wanted in our HOME. There were rooms on the plan called one thing, but you personalized it, like the hearth room we told you were going to use it for a school room, and that was the name of it since then. It was also nice to be able to get a hold of you, when we needed to talk about something in our HOME. Our friends would tell us they could never reach their contractor, and most of the time it would take days, sometimes weeks to get back with them on something. And when I saw something in a magazine I wanted to put in the house, you said show me the picture, and poof we had it. This was an awesome experience… and if we ever build again we would only want you to build it, but for the record you built our home that went along with our lives and I can’t see us selling our HOME ever! We are so pleased with the outcome; you took what we saw in our mind and made it a solid structure. Thanks for building our HOME.

- Tye & Beverly Waldron

We went looking for a builder after the company we were planning to use fell through. Steve met with us and we decided that we would have Jensen Quality Homes build our home. We were living in another town at the time, but Steve would send us pictures and updates on our home. We moved to Murfreesboro several months later and were able to personally watch the progress of our house being built. We made several changes along the way as we saw the house being built, one of the perks of having a custom home, and Steve and Chris were wonderful in easily changing things as we made decisions. It takes a little longer to build a custom home, but it is well worth it in the end. I would highly recommend Jensen Quality Homes to anyone seeking a builder.

- Mark & Anne Phillips