• Integrity - is by far the most important thing to look for in a contractor
  • Quality - matters plain and simple
  • Value - means balancing what's important to YOU and your budget

Storefront Jensen Quality Homes, LLC has built a strong reputation in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area as The Quality Custom Home Builder. A small, local, dedicated family owned business, Jensen Quality Homes is built on family values, and is dedicated to serving our customers. Chris Jensen, owner, is a 4th generation Home Builder. Our team consists of only the best suppliers and contractors in the area, many of whom have been with us from the beginning. We are relational with our customers, and our sub-contractors. We have found the best, so we can provide our customers with a quality, well-built home. Selecting your builder is an extremely important decision. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project and for you to get to know us. We are committed to our community, not an out-of-state, large conglomerate construction company. We have roots to the community and as such we are proud to have an office downtown Murfreesboro. It is our way of making a statement, ‘we are grounded and committed to our local community’.

Jensen Quality Homes has been voted “Rutherford Counties Favorite Home-Builder” TEN times and counting by the Daily News Journal’s Ruthies Awards. Our peers voted us “Builder of the Year” two years in a row, and Chris has served as President of the Rutherford County Homebuilder’s Association.

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        James Baldwin speaking of King Richard II

Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen Profile

Chris began learning construction when he was three years old, picking up a broom to help his dad clean up during the remodel of their Michigan home. During his childhood and teenage years, he helped with many home construction projects for his family and their friends. Later, his Dad bet Chris a car if he could earn the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America before he turned 16, and when he won, Chris took his new-to-him station wagon to work part-time and summer jobs in construction. Between all the home projects and summer jobs, from framing, laying tile, and cleaning up job sites to professional handyman, Chris has personally worked on almost every part of a home, giving him a unique understanding of each individual trades' job and how all of the parts work together to make a home work the right way.

Chris furthered his construction knowledge at Middle Tennessee State University. Continuing to work his way through college with various construction jobs, he also pursued extracurricular activities, including two national competitions for the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. Chris and his team placed an impressive 2nd place nationally for their work on designing the project for San Antonio. Chris’s hard work at MTSU resulted in receiving the Outstanding Student Award during his senior year. Chris graduated from MTSU with a Bachelor's Degree in Residential Land Development and Construction Management.

Once graduated, Chris worked with Jensen Quality Homes for a few years before moving on to “bigger and better things” when he went to work with Pulte Group (one of the nation’s largest production builders) for two years during the economic downturn. During this period, Chris was able to learn building a very different style of construction as he managed over 20 new home \builds at any given time. After two years, Chris “came to his senses” (according to his dad) and returned to work with Jensen Quality Homes. Chris’s love for construction, woodworking and the smell of a fresh-cut two-by-four is in his blood and his in-depth, real world experience ensures that every aspect of your new home comes together not by accident but ensures Built-in Quality at every turn, Homebuilding has always been in the family.

Through most of his years in construction, Chris has also been involved with the Home Builders Association. From being a member in college of the Student Chapter, to serving on the Board of Directors for the Home Builders Association of Central Tennessee (HBACT). Through his involvement with the HBACT, Chris has received the Hero of the Association award multiple times. Chris has also served as the HBACT President and is a recipient of the “Sonny Lane Legend” award, the most prestigious honor recognized by the HBACT for persons who have made a lifelong, significant impact on the home building industry. Giving back is important, being involved in your given profession is important. Not all General Contractors/Builders even bother to join their local Business Association. Giving back in addition to continued education and growing in your field should be an integral part of one’s professional career.

After nearly two decades of working in the construction industry professionally, most of those years with his dad and Jensen Quality Homes. Chris inherited the business and reputation that he and his dad built. Chris continues to build upon the foundational values of quality, integrity, fairness, and honesty that his father has built. If you listen to Jensen Quality Homes clients, you will notice that same thread of values in their comments, which are the most important things you should be looking for when partnering with a Contractor to build your Custom Home.

Chris lives in Murfreesboro with his wife Christa and their two sons, Jude and John (Jack), and is continuing to grow Jensen Quality Homes as the Premiere Custom Builder of Middle Tennessee.

Customer Quote

It is with great pleasure we write this note of gratitude to Jensen Quality Homes for a job well done building our dream home in Murfreesboro. When we began our search for the perfect builder, certain qualities were a must:

Honesty, Integrity, Vision, Communication Skills, and a track record of Excellence.

What we found in Steve Jensen exceeded all expectations. We have had multiple homes built in our 30 years of marriage and we can honestly say that none have been as enjoyable an experience as this one. We have always heard horror stories of other people’s experience with their builders and how they no longer talk with them after the project. We on the other hand consider Steve a friend and hope to have an extended friendship for years to come. His desire to make his customers happy is only exceeded by his desire to please his Savior, Jesus Christ.

We recommend Jensen Quality Homes to anyone who would want a truly custom home! If we were to ever choose to build again, Steve would be our only choice of builders.

Beau & Susan Carroll